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Tier I

Tier I is a redesigned program for WHEA’s 6th & 7th graders.  Students are heterogeneously mixed by grade & ability level and placed in advisories. There are six Tier I teachers and 80 students.  The overall focus is to provide tier-wide integrative projects as well as continue with student selected vertical projects such as engineering, agriculture and marine focused.

Tropical Island

Our Approach

Our project-based approach focuses on student-centered learning.  This method shifts the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student.  Building skills and practices at the Tier I level begins a studentʻs journey toward lifelong learning and independent problem solving.

Mastery-Based Education

Learning is best measured by students demonstrating mastery of learning, rather than the number of hours spent in a classroom. Tier I implements mastery-based education to target educational support based on individual student needs.

Real World Projects

The student-centered model allows students to connect to their learning and engage in real world projects:

  • Reef Ecology

  • Aquaponics

  • Watershed

  • Upcycling

Meet the Team

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