SY 2020-2021


Distance learning did not stop WHEA high school students from continuing with a project-based curriculum. We hope you enjoy project highlights from the 2020-2021 school year.

Coral Health

Does the biodiversity living near healthy coral differ from the biodiversity living near unhealthy coral?

Sustainable Feed

Is there a solution for aquaculture and overfishing? Does it lie in sustainable feed?

Reviving Kapa

How can we sustainably produce and naturally dye cloths and textiles using traditional Hawaiian practices?

Engineering in HI

How did early Hawaiians use sophisticated engineering techniques in their sustainable communities?

Coffee Industry

What impact and significance does coffee have in Captain Cook, Hawai'i?

Triple Blended Coffee Beans

Loko I'a

How were traditional fishponds used to sustain the people of Hawai'i?