Course begins on June 8, 2020 and must be completed on or before Julyy 17, 2020.  High School student’s priority, Middle School will be offered positions on space available basis.  


Laptop or Computer Only.


Cost $200.00 per course, NON-REFUNDABLE. Course affects GPA

  1. Complete Application

  2.  Submit payment - Check only​
    Mail to: West Hawaii Explorations Academy

    1. West Hawaii Explorations Academy
      73-4460 Queen Ka`ahumanu Hwy Suite #105
      Kailua Kona, HI 96740
      Attn: Foreign Language ​

    2. Include Student name on check, and language

Agreement For Online Foreign Language Credit


You and your student have elected to enroll in the Rosetta Stone online foreign language credit offered at WHEA PCS.   Priority is given to High school students.  Middle school students accepted on a space available basis only. Please be aware of the following.



  • Computer with internet access. 

  •  Computer must have a microphone or you must purchase a microphone headset.

  • The foreign language coordinator can only update/change passwords.  Should you have technical difficulties, contact the Rosetta Stone support team.  Contact information can be found at the bottom of the login information email that will be sent to you or on the website.



While Rosetta Stone offers a variety of languages, only the following courses are accepted by the Department of Education for credit:  French, Spanish, and Japanese.


Each language offers 3 LEVELS.  Each LEVEL is equal to ONE YEAR of a foreign language.  For example, French Level 1 is equivalent to French 1; Spanish Level 3 is equivalent to Spanish 3; and so forth.

Within each Level, there are 4 UNITS.  Within each UNIT there are multiple lessons on vocabulary, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, writing, etc.  FOUR UNITS is equivalent to a FULL CREDIT (1.0).

Proficiency is built into the program so that lessons must be completed with 85% or better to move on.  A WORD OF CAUTION - While proficiency is built in, it is up to the student to make sure the lessons are completed.  If a student does not do well enough on a lesson, the program will ask them to repeat the lesson.  If students go on without repeating the lesson, the lesson will remain open and incomplete.  ALL lessons must be completed in order to reach the completion benchmarks and percentages required for credit.


To receive a full credit (1.0), students must complete ALL 4 UNITS, which = the entire Level, 100%. 

If those benchmarks are reached, students will receive an A and earn credit for the semester.  If they do not reach those benchmarks they do not earn credit and they will receive an F.  This grade will appear on the report card and will affect GPA.



On the application you will be required to type in your name, acknowledging that you have agreed to and understood the terms and conditions of the course, and that the course is non-refundable.  After submitting this application submit payment to the office.  Enrollment is official when payment is received, first paid, first served.

Cost $200.00 per course, NON-REFUNDABLE.

  1. Complete Application

  2.  Submit payment - Check only​​


West Hawaii Explorations Academy

73-4460 Queen Ka`ahumanu Hwy Suite #105

Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Attn: Foreign Language ​

Include Student name on check, and language